Les petits Torrieux sugar shack

Newly completed, the Cabane à sucre des Torrieux is ready to welcome you! As a maple syrup producer, you’ll have the chance to discover our maple products all year round. Francine’s famous maple syrup pie, candies, maple caramel and much more!

To make sure you get the most out of it, we’re offering two sugar shack activities!

The Torrieux hearty meal is mouth-watering!

Stuff your face with our menu featuring all the flavours of our farm produce. From appetizer to dessert, sweeten your taste buds! On the menu, our hormone-free, antibiotic-free meats and artisanal farm products. Share a generous, insanely tasty meal with family and friends in the conviviality of an old-fashioned sugar shack. Don’t forget your duster boots: the farm animals have dressed up for your visit!

*Groups of 25 or more are welcome on weekdays, by reservation only.

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Sugar Shack

Master maple syrup processing and enjoy pancakes at the cabin

For a change from the cabin meal where you sit around stuffing your face, come and experience the cabin. It’s possible! See how maple syrup is made, from harvesting the water to heating the evaporator. Spend the day outdoors with the animals and around a roaring log fire. During your immersion at the cabin, we’ll serve you pancakes with syrup, smoked grills and sausages. Just enough to fill you up, but not too much!